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Data Mining & Measurement


We drill deep into your media data to analyze message penetration, sentiment, key entity recognition and message effectiveness. More…

Risk & Reputation Analysis


Access to rapid intelligence that highlights key actors, influencers, messages, and sentiment can help you make smart decisions quickly, avoiding the perils of unmitigated risk. More…

Visualization & Design


We turn textual and visual data into beautifully designed graphics that maximize their persuasive appeal. More…

About Analytica

Analytica is a social research, messaging, and design consultancy. We help commercial, political, nonprofit and public affairs teams find, visualize and apply insights gleaned from semantic and social data. Our proprietary method—Mine, Measure & Move™—extracts significant strategic value from data streams your team then applies to on ground communication challenges. We will teach your team to ask the right questions of the right data to move hearts and minds.

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Text Mining at Work in the NonProfit/NGO Sector

Do you want to harness social and media intelligence for your non profit organization or NGO? Download the whitepaper for tips on how to collect and make sense of free, unstructured data in social and media spaces.

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News & Events

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What would robots would say if they could talk?

Cornell University researchers from the University’s Creative Machine Labs have put to artificially intelligent avatars in conversation with one another. The avatars, called Cleverbots, are sophisticated versions of the classic Eliza program developed at MIT in the 60s. Plugging the output of one machine into the input of a second, […]

18 April 2014 0

Viral Tweeting

James Fowler, author of Connected, published a paper that attempts to solve a pressing issues for marketers and social scientists: can we predict if and when information will go viral? Information virility is a sexy but misunderstood idea. Virility of information or ideas is defined as the self-replicating process by […]

10 April 2014 0

Which universities are dominating the social space?

Take a look at Media Miser’s newest infographic, which tracks metrics such as Twitter and Facebook mentions, page activity, likes, followers, retweets and retweet reach to identify some of the most social schools in the U.S.

9 April 2014 0



Pushing the Envelope

Sarah-Beth and I were Presidents of different chapters of the American Advertising Federation when we first met. She immediately demonstrated her expertise in leadership, creative direction and copywriting She brings a great deal of expertise to projects. She’s a natural leader and has a rich understanding of the social media space. Samantha Scott, APR


AMC Source

Sarah Beth has been our lead designer, social media marketer, and general strategist for several years now. We serve a diverse body of national and international associations with mixed communication needs and often tight deadlines. Sarah Beth skillfully assesses each marketing situation, recommends a strategic course of action, and consistently delivers beautiful designs and workable strategies on time that make our clients shine. Sarah Beth is a tremendous asset to our team and a joy to work with. Debbie Nolan, CAE


Carnegie Mellon University

Sarah has a remarkable ability to communicate complex ideas to a diverse audience. She is an educator and researcher of uncommon depth. Jurgen Pfeffer, Ph.D.




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